Everyone’s cock-a-hoop over the magnificent sandwiches of Chacarero. Let’s have Blumie break it down for us: “The basic sandwich is chicken and/or beef with Muenster cheese, fresh tomatoes, steamed green beans, salt, pepper, homemade hot sauce, and avocado spread on wonderful homemade bread. Although it may sound like a weird sandwich, unless there is an ingredient you affirmatively do not like, I (and most of us) encourage you to order it with everything (or, if you particularly like spicy food, order it ‘extra hot,’ in which case a second, spicier hot sauce is added).”

Blumie even gives instructions for the ordering process, which starts with a wait in line with other sandwich-lovers. When you get to the front you are asked “small or large?” and which meat you want (chicken, beef, barbecued chicken, barbecue beef, a combo of any or all of the above, or scratch all the meat for a vegetarian sandwich). You pay, you get a receipt that you follow to the sandwich pick-up spot, where you’re asked (yes, another question) how you want the sandwich. Tell the sandwich-maker you want “everything” or “everything, extra hot.”

Chacarero is only open during nine-to-fiver hours so don’t bother with a weekend visit. And fair warning: “Even the small sandwiches at lunch will have you wishing for a nap at around 2–3pm,” says MC Slim JB.

Chacarero [Downtown Crossing]
26 Province Street, Boston

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