Sweden’s got a second two-star eatery, according to the most recent edition of the vaunted Michelin Guide. The Matsalen restaurant in Stockholm picked up the honor, which celebrates the restaurant’s daily menu inspired in part by fresh local ingredients. The restaurant’s got no shortage of ambition, if its website is to be believed:

“[Chef] Mathias [Dahlgren] aims to create a new Swedish identity—a theme which not only resonates through his offering in cuisine but also through every detail of the restaurant’s design, a result of leading British Designer and Creative Director, Ilse Crawford’s interpretation.”

The New York Times review of the restaurant praises its refined, market-driven menus but focuses not on its fine dining wing, but it’s more casual food bar:

“Though you eat on a tray and the menu includes such classics as deep-fried hake with lemon and tartar sauce, this is no overpriced cafeteria.”

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