Zeldog points out that “many home charcutiers have to spend big bucks to convert refrigerators into curing chambers that will maintain the right temperature and humidity but that’s San Francisco in the winter and most of the spring.” While there aren’t a lot of people offering meat curing and butchery classes in the Bay Area (yet), hounds have the scoop on where to start looking.

Melanie Wong says to check with Café Rouge in Berkeley for butchery and charcuterie classes and that the owner of Green Grocer in Windsor might be up for teaching hounds to cure meat. BernalKC says that Chef Ryan Farr (formerly of Orson) offers home butchery classes, “which, I’ll bet, could easily include any sort of curing you might want to explore.” (Check out his blog for info.) Robert Lauriston says to keep an eye on the Meet Your Meat series at UC Berkeley, and the Cavallo Point Cooking School, though the latter’s meat workshop has been postponed for now.

Café Rouge [East Bay]
1782 Fourth Street, Berkeley

Green Grocer [North Bay]
434 Emily Rose Circle, Windsor

Cavallo Point Cooking School [North Bay]
601 Murray Circle, Sausalito

Board Link: Meat Curing

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