King of Noodles is a new Northern Chinese restaurant specializing in hand-pulled noodles, and from the looks of pictures posted by Xiao Yang it’s the real deal, says tanspace. The noodles do “seem to be hand-pulled due to [their] thickness. The other tell-tale sign is that you’ll get noodles of uneven thickness if it is hand-pulled. Most strands would be similar but a few may be thicker or thinner than the rest.”

The noodles with special sauce have bits of pork, mushrooms, and egg and a home-style sauce, says Kaypel. They are “definitely handmade and were really good.” There are also good-sized pork and cabbage dumplings, 12 to an order.

Xiao Yang says the beef tendon noodles have a nice bite to them and are “real honest noodle-sized noodles.” They come with a generous amount of beef tendon, sliced mushrooms, and baby bok choy, though the broth was on the bland side and “benefited from a sprinkling of chili oil.”

Hounds report the restaurant is a sister to Kingdom of Dumplings on Taraval, and Xiao Yang says the menus are very similar with “a few items added here and subtracted there,” notably the Shandong chicken, “which uses a whole ‘huang mao’ chicken and costs $18.95—the only thing on the menu over $6.95.”

King of Noodles [Sunset]
1639 Irving Street, San Francisco

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