At Windy City Beef, the hot dogs are Vienna Beef, natch, and so are the poppy-seed-studded buns. “The works” means neon-green relish, mustard, pickled hot peppers, wedges of fresh tomato, and onion. It’s good stuff, says balintawak1966.

As the name of the place hints, Italian beef sandwiches are also on offer, but they’re less successful. The thinly sliced beef au jus on an Amoroso roll (a touch of Philly there—maybe they’ll start serving cheesesteaks on the side?) gets soggy fast. You might want to order it “dry,” suggests drewskiSF, who found the sandwich tasty but a bit salty. An Italian sausage-beef combo is in the works, reports juan07delacruz1966—like everything else, the sausage has to be “imported” from Chicago.

Windy City Beef [East Bay]
862 San Pablo Avenue, Albany
No phone available

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