In the test kitchen we run a pretty tight ship. Deadlines are important, and we do our fair share of fiddling with our daily tasks to fit it all in. So when tasked with creating 10 new sandwiches and a rabbit sugo recipe for an upcoming story, all in just a couple of days, the scrambling began.

While we usually only shoot photos with Chris one day a week, this week the photo sessions stretched into four days. Right out of the gate on Monday the sandwich insanity began. We had 10 different breads, several cheeses, a bunch of meats, mushrooms, onions, pickles, olives, artichoke hearts, mustard, avocado, herbs, greens galore, and more.

Oh, did I mention each sandwich has its own fancy mayonnaise creation to accompany the filling? As mundane as making a sandwich may sound, these fantastical sandwiches each have about 10 ingredients plus the mayo.

Next up: We charge forth with sugo. Then tomorrow we have an entire Passover menu to prepare and shoot, so Kate, Aida, Chris, and I must find some inner strength. My calming vision: It’s Friday afternoon and I have a cold cocktail, and there are no sandwiches in sight.

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