Candied ginger is an addictive combination of sweet and hot that adds a welcome burst of flavor to many sweet dishes, and a few savory preps as well.

Add diced candied ginger to homemade granola, pear pies or tarts, or the topping of a fruit crisp, or mix it into good vanilla ice cream. Use it along with ground and fresh ginger for “some of the best damn gingerbread ever,” recommends LindaWhit.

Candied ginger gives ginger cookies extra oomph. Brown sugar ginger crisps are “homely but divine,” says PAO. And coll raves about these chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies: “I’ll never make plain gingerbread again!”

another_adam adds finely chopped candied ginger to roasted or braised sweet potatoes or carrots, and says it works especially well along with onions, raisins, or apricots, and a splash of orange juice. He also puts a bit in baked acorn squash halves with some butter and honey.

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