Long-grain basmati rice will not do for making risotto. Arborio is the usual choice, but many Chowhounds prefer the distinct texture of Carnaroli rice, which “produces a nice creamy risotto without giving up the individual grain’s identity,” says Lenox637.

“While for me Arborio goes from chalky center to overcooked almost instantly, Carnaroli has a longer sweet spot and keeps its perfect cooked texture far longer,” says Delucacheesemonger.

“After practically giving up on the clumpy, glue-like starchfest that I used to call risotto,” says monavano, Carnaroli rice “has been a revelation.”

“Last evening, I made a black trumpet mushroom risotto in the usual method, and it came out creamy, al dente, not clumpy, and delicious,” says monavano. “I will never go back!”

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