While stopping by Eldo Cake House in search of an after-dinner sweet, y2000k was startled to catch the unmistakable smell of durian fruit. Turns out that the durian cake is not on the menu, but Eldo will make one by request.

“Ugh!” said a chorus of Chowhounds. “I liken the smell of durian more to a super-concentrated, extremely potent fart, and I am being totally serious. Yuck, and why why why?” asks kobuta, while mwk wonders why we should bother special-ordering a cake when, “All you’d need to do is take some old, dirty gym socks and bake those in the oven on low heat for a while, and PRESTO.”

Durian does have its defenders, however. nasilemak says it has a “great smell, texture, rich creamy taste.” Eatin in Woostah loves durian shakes: “That sort of rotting garbage/old onion smell combined with a sweet, custardy, creamy taste and texture … I love them. “

Eldo Cake House [Chinatown]
36 Harrison Avenue, Boston

Board Link: Durian cake at Eldo

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