Chayote has a reputation as being somewhat bland. But at both Moles La Tia and Chichen Itza, there is delicious Mexican squash soup. Dommy says, “[T]hat was some sublime soup and sadly no, I’ve had many Mexican soups (the cocido at Glorias was another recent stand out) but nothing quite like that one.”

Agrees streetgourmetla, “The chayote soup at Moles La Tia is my favorite chayote dish to date.”

Incidentally, your editor Thi N. “was blindsided by how good the squash soup was. Intense, deep, glowing, mysterious, magical–basically, every good word that could be applied to squash soup, could be applied here.”

Moles La Tia [East LA]
4619 E. Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles

Chichen Itza [Koreatown]
2501 W. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

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