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"Chinese vegetarian foods have a lot of products that are 'fake' meats...some just look like meat, others do have the taste & texture. Most are made of tofu, wheat gluten, soy beans etc. You can find them at special vegetarian stores/restaurants, and sometimes Asian supermarkets. If there is a Chinese Buddhist temple nearby, it might be worthwhile to give them a call to see if they can give you any recommendations to find these products locally." – gnomatic

"I use instant mashed potato to thicken a milk-based soup. a) With dietary restrictions, it is possible to make seafood chowders using skim or 1 percent milk and then thickening to taste with a little instant mashed potato. b) An emergency corn chowder can be made with a can of cream-style corn, a can or more of milk, odds and ends of leftover fried onions, bacon, ham, or sausage, and a bit of thickening as above." - Querencia

"One of the Chinese markets next to me used to have a certain selection of standard loose teas. One of the ones they carry was the Oolong known as Hairy Crab, which I quite liked. Then a year or so ago in an effort to try and 'fit the new market,' they replaced it with one called Gold Coin Rock which is terrible, very very vegetal (not a good point for me). Then there was the one and only time I tried the oolong bags made by Prince of Peace. The first time I took a [sip] I literally spat it across the table then said, 'I think they spelled the last word of the name wrong.'" – jumpingmonk

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