The city’s latest boutique chocolates can be found on a stub of an alley that even cabbies have trouble finding. Bespoke Chocolates, which opened a month ago on Extra Place in the East Village, makes swoon-worthy sweets like a single-estate Colombian dark chocolate truffle, which maggiej finds “really mind-blowing and in the running for some of the best chocolate in New York.”

MinhLikesFood has fallen hard for one of Bespoke’s signature confections: sea-salted caramel in a thin chocolate shell, rolled in bits of Martin’s pretzels; “just a great combination of salty/sweet/oozy goodness,” he sighs. Minh also recommends Southampton tea truffles, made of Caribbean chocolate with apricot-spiked black Ceylon tea. “I’m not a huge chocolate person,” he confesses, “but these truffles were pretty amazing.”

Bespoke Chocolates [East Village]
6 Extra Place (north of E. First Street, between the Bowery and Second Avenue), Manhattan

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