CHOW Tour Handmade
2/14 - 2/27
2/28 - 3/13
3/14 - 3/25
See Where We've Eaten!

Portland: We Have You in Our Sights

Portland, Oregon, has the DIY scene down when it comes to food, so we are looking forward to heading north and filming for the CHOW Tour: Handmade.

We’re going to check out the cocktail scene (where bartenders are making everything from smoked ice to their own tonic water), as well as the booming microdistillery trend. Rad sandwiches will be on the bill, as we bring you a look at how local salumi and corned beef is being made.

And of course we’ll film some of the top-notch food trailers. Should it be the homemade poutine at Potato Champion? English muffins at Brunch Box? Let us know which ones you think do the best homemade foods and we’ll try to get them on board!

Roxanne Webber is a former editor at CHOW.