Golden Garden, a Chinese eatery on a rather unappealing block in Belmont, has been called out before in these pages for its fine, delicate-skinned dumplings, available for table orders, takeout, and frozen in bags.

Swankalicious says it’s “some of the best suburban Chinese I’ve tried.” A recent takeout order started off on a bad note, with the phone line busy for 15 minutes as Swankalicious tried to order. “I guess this is a good sign, since many people were clearly calling!” There was also a language barrier: The woman on the phone couldn’t understand that Swank wanted pork intestines and not pork with XO sauce. (“Try saying ‘pork interesting’ next time. I’ve found it to work,” says FoodDabbler.)

The food itself? Fabulous. Great cucumbers with garlic; light and juicy dumplings with a “clean, vinegary, and tart” dipping sauce. The pork intestines were rich and swimming in well-spiced sauce; cumin lamb was fragrant but not overpowering, and dreamily tender. GretchenS speaks up for the pea tendrils as well.

Golden Garden [North of Boston]
63 Concord Avenue, Belmont

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