Oh, there were tears aplenty when El Pelón closed its old Fenway location. Now where would Bostonians go to find fish tacos that didn’t taste like they were made from fish sticks? When the Brighton location opened last March, hound fingers were crossed that lightning would strike twice.

Happily, “they are firing on all cylinders,” reports ItalyFan. The food is just as good as in the original location, save for one curious, tragic thing: “the breading on the fish tacos has changed, and not for the better,” says lipoff. “The sauce and pickled cabbage and limes and cucumbers are all the same, but the new breading is not the same at all. I’m really disappointed. Not that there’s a better fish taco in a hundred miles, but it’s not what it once was.”

Others agree; the fish taco is a casualty of the move. For good fish tacos, hounds suggest giving the Sunday special tacos at Neptune a try, as well as La Verdad’s version.

Nonetheless, don’t count El Pelón out just yet. Though the fish has slid downhill, the carnitas has taken a mysterious turn for the better. opinionatedchef raves, “the carnitas filling had excellent and complex flavor; the pork braise obviously had alot of well-balanced spicing.” The carnitas torta was “major delish,” with layers of beans, guacamole, salsa, pork, and chipotle sauce. Each ingredient was high-quality and the whole to-do was “messy but very satisfying.”

El Pelón [Brighton]
2197 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Neptune Oyster [North End]
63 Salem Street, Suite 1, Boston

La Verdad [Fenway]
1 Lansdowne Street, Boston

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