Corned beef is the quintessential Irish-American St. Patrick’s Day meal. You can make it tender and moist in the oven; applehome has consistently great results cooking corned beef in the oven in a deep roasting pan half filled with water and tightly covered with foil, at 300°F for about an hour per pound. However, most Chowhounds seem to prefer simmering over low heat on the stovetop, covered in water, for three to four hours, depending on weight.

Whosyerkitty simmers hers in dark beer, and says this makes a great broth. Several hounds simmer corned beef on the stove, then remove it from the water, rub with a glaze of mustard and brown sugar, and bake until the glaze forms a nice crust. PattiCakes reserves the cooking liquid and uses it as the base for split pea soup later in the week.

CHOW has a clever time-saving method if you want to make your own corned beef rather than buying a nitrate-laden ready-made corned beef from the supermarket. You can also make a fine Reuben with the leftovers.

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