Have you ever wondered what the bizarre-sounding Ritz Cracker mock apple pie tastes like, and if it’s good to eat? Chowhounds say it really tastes like apples, and they like it.

“To my surprise it’s actually quite good; in fact, it’s very good. Almost makes me wonder if I ever need to use apples again,” muses ipsedixit, who adds that a downside is the lack of apple aroma while baking. karykat used to get a kick out of passing it off as real apple pie, and notes that the cracker layers resemble apple slices when baked. Hounds point out that the Ritz version may be more expensive to bake, and is certainly higher in fat and calories than real apple pie.

Others have had surprising results with other “mock” pies. pigtails makes a vinegar pie that tasted like lemon custard, and greygarious made an oatmeal-coconut pie that looked and tasted like pecan pie made with chopped nuts.

Board Link: RITZ® Mock Apple Pie

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