Quark is a fresh cultured cheese of German origin that’s easy to find in Europe but relatively unknown in the U.S. It’s a little tangy (like buttermilk), but not sour. Consistency ranges from loose (a la sour cream) to cream cheese stiffness, and quark is lower in fat than sour cream or creme fraiche.

While quark is often eaten with cereal or spread on toast, it’s a terrific ingredient in cooking. niki rothman adds it to mac and cheese at the last minute for extra creaminess and uses it in lasagna as a substitute for ricotta. honkman suggests a spread for bread of quark mixed with chopped onion, chives, salt, and pepper; and for dessert, quark mixed with sugar and mashed strawberries. It also makes great cheesecake.

Lots of local dairies are making quark and selling it at farmers’ markets and small shops. Both Appel Farms and Vermont Butter and Cheese make highly complimented quarks with wide distribution.

Or you can make your own, with an electric quark maker and a quart of buttermilk.

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