Das Ubergeek hates mall food. But a sign for “Lamajoon” on the counter of a normal-looking kebab joint at the Citadel food court gave him faint hope, and what he found was a complete shock: beautiful lahmajun in a mall food court.

There was a stack of old-looking lahmajun in the front counter. Das Ubergeek ordered two. “The cashier took my order back and the owner came up, surprised at my order: lahmajun and tahn (ayran—you know, yoghurt drink). ‘You know this?'” Das Ubergeek explained that he loved Lebanese food. “The pile of lahmajun stayed put. I heard the thunk of a rolling pin. These lahmajun were being made fresh for me, and when he returned, he had lemons and a pile of not two, but four flatbreads.”

And, despite the fact that this was mall food, they were fantastic. “Gossamer-thin, with nearly equal amounts of bread and topping,” says Das Ubergeek. “Floppy in the centre, with a perfect crispy edge with just the right amount of char, and the filling was very delicately spiced. Hit these with a spritz of lemon when they’re still hot and they’re just about perfect.”

Lamajoon Mediterranean [East LA-ish]
150 Citadel Drive, Commerce

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