Sang Yoon, of the oft-beloved, sometimes-hated Father’s Office, has opened up a new restaurant: Lukshon. Says bigelectriccat, San Gabriel Chinese-food-lovers no longer need to drive a long way to get what they need; Lukshon will satisfy.

The glorious scallops are one of the best raw seafood plates in town: painfully fresh, perfectly spicy. Duck popiah is savory, juicy, tender duckling in a rice paper wrapper. “Country tenderness and herb speckled joy,” says bigelectriccat.

Pickled mackerel is the sort of authentic dish you can only get in Cambodia, in the country, from someone’s mom. It’s cured and tangy-sour and perfectly balanced—Mekong River fine dining, says bigelectriccat. Rendang short ribs are an “amazing reinvention of meat,” says bigelectriccat. “You’d never guess that a healthy spice rub followed by a two-day water bath would do such wonders because you’d never think of it… Soft, rich and decadent. A must-have any night.”

There are tender baby squids stuffed with northern Thai sausage. There are wonderful Sichuan chicken wings. There are genuinely numb-tingly Sichuan noodles that challenge the best of San Gabriel.

Some folks complain about the service. The pacing is a bit off, just like at Father’s Office, says joshekg. And bsquared2 complains about one of the rudest experiences ever: showing up with a kid and being told to sit outside or leave. soniabegonia reports, a few days later, that there were plenty of kids inside—perhaps somebody saw bsquared2’s outraged post and wised up?

Lukshon [Westside – Inland]
3239 Helms Avenue, Culver City

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