Last night’s potatoes and cabbage have never been so delicious. Bubble and squeak—commonly abbreviated as “bubble” in English parlance—is a delicious dish of leftover potatoes and greens (usually cabbage, but spinach is fine, says Soop) refried to perfection. Fried in a metal skillet, in copious amounts of butter, it is “sinful and delicious,” says RedTop.

Leftover potatoes and cabbage may not sound like much, but bubble and squeak is a classic. Fydeaux “loved it and couldn’t get enough of it” on a trip to London. Bubble and squeak even appears on upmarket British menus, says Harters. “It was a childhood standard appearing for dinner on Monday evenings as leftovers along with any cold roast meat from Sunday lunch,” says Harters.

Fans of “bubble” make sure to cook extra cabbage and potatoes—good mashing potatoes—to ensure the dish’s appearance the next day. “We mix the two with lots of pepper and then fry in butter,” says Harters. “If you’re clever, you can turn it over by covering with a plate and flipping it to cook the other side,” as with a Spanish tortilla. “Brown sauce is an absolute requirement and I’d have any leftover gravy as well,” he says.

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