rememberme can’t stop thinking about the red sauce at Tacos Lupita in Somerville. “I just went for the second time … again had the burrito al pastor (grilled pork), and again I’m still dreaming about it a day later. I have almost no experience with Mexican food, and usually can take it or leave it (I’m an Indian/Thai kind of person), but boy, that burrito with sauce is something else!”

heWho agrees, saying he went to Tacos Lupita at least once a week over a three-year period. “The red salsa (as the women working there refer to it as) is the best Mexican sauce I’ve had anywhere, bar none, even in Mexico. Always ask for more.” finlero says the taste is comparable to sauce made with Chimayo chili powder, maybe with some vinegar thrown in. But most everyone seems to agree that the red sauce has the green beat hollow, though starvinginNH says that red and green are each wonderful: order both.

Other menu picks from the Salvadoran-influenced menu: tamales; tacos; cheese pupusas with piquant pickled cabbage and sauce; and the huaraches, flat homemade corn tortillas topped with sauce, crumbled Mexican white cheese, onions, tomatoes, and meat. The gorditas are good too, “especially when they make the tortilla to order,” says smtucker. “I always look to see if the press is open before ordering. Open, I get a gordita; closed I get a taco.”

Tacos Lupita [Somerville]
13 Elm Street, Somerville

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