“Mornings have never had it so good,” says cvc about pastries and breakfast at Huckleberry Cafe, crowded with eager, happy people. It’s a place “where even the Harbor patrolman in front of me was greeting and smiling at the crowd in line while we all waited patiently to order and pay,” says cvc. Have patience—the pastries are beautiful. The American standards (muffins, bread pudding, lemon bars) will make you rejoice, says cvc, as will the sour cream crumble coffee cake ($5) and cinnamon sugar doughnuts ($2.50).

The maple bacon biscuit is “phenomenal, moist and flaky without feeling like a rock in the stomach,” says sidwich. The tarts are good too; baloney’s favorites are the banana caramel and salted caramel. Try the crunchy croissants too, says keepon.

There’s also heftier food like green eggs and ham, BLTs made from Niman Ranch bacon, and an excellent veal meatball sandwich, says cvc. But Azizeh thinks the sandwiches are merely good and too expensive, though the desserts are totally worthwhile. Her favorites: chocolate truffle pudding and the salted caramel square.

There are some dissenting voices, however. kevin and Sugarsnap both think the place is way overpriced.

Huckleberry Cafe [Westside – Beaches]
1014 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica

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