La Cheesecake is an out-of-the-way bakery well off the main drag in College Point, Queens, but sweet-toothed hounds have sniffed it out anyway. They’re queuing up outside this tiny shop for creamy cheesecake finished to order with cherry, strawberry, pineapple, and other toppings—”better than most of the ‘best’ around the city,” dietndesire swears.

“The place is KILLER,” declares ZenFoodist, who loves its rainbow bar—think heaps of rainbow cookies, stacked uncut in a footlong cake. La Cheesecake also bakes splendid Italian-style bread filled with roasted garlic cloves, foodie9 reports, so it’s not all about the sweets. Really, though, it seems to be 99 percent about the sweets, especially that signature cheesecake, which ZenFoodist ranks slightly ahead of the one at hound darling Cascon, not far away in Whitestone.

For those who prefer the less creamy, ricotta-based Italian style, janie recommends Lety’s in Jackson Heights, whose baker was schooled in the cheesecake arts at East Village landmark Veniero’s.

But janie’s own cheesecake heaven is Miss Grimble Desserts, a mostly wholesale bakery that closed its retail shop years ago but still takes care of walk-up customers at its plant in the Bronx. Miss Grimble’s vanilla cheesecake is simple, wonderful, and hard to beat, but it also bakes first-rate Sachertorte and carrot, blackout, and chocolate mousse cakes, among other things. Get there early on a weekday. As Miss Grimble reminds prospective customers on its website, “we are bakers, so we are only here from 3 a.m. to noon.”

La Cheesecake [College Point]
126-06 14th Avenue (near 126th Street), College Point, Queens

Cascon Cheesecake [Whitestone]
7-04 149th Street (at Seventh Avenue), Whitestone, Queens

Lety Bakery & Cafe [Jackson Heights]
77-07 37th Avenue (near 77th Street), Jackson Heights, Queens

Veniero’s [East Village]
342 E. 11th Street (at First Avenue), Manhattan

Miss Grimble Desserts [Bronx]
909 E. 135th Street (at Locust Avenue), Bronx

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