At the recently opened Dumpling Kitchen, soup dumplings (xiao long bao) are pretty good—maybe second in the city only to Kingdom of Dumpling, says hedge_hog. Wrappers are nice and thin, a little tougher than what you’d get at Kingdom of Dumpling. “What really surprised me was the soup broth inside. It had an unusual flavor that seemed different than usual, much more floral or fragrant,” says singleguychef.

The real find, though, is the common, but commonly misprepared, pan-fried dumplings (sheng jian bao), says hedge_hog. “The skin is fluffy. The bottom is close to perfectly browned and crispy. The filling is juicy, almost soupy. This is my favorite Shanghai dim sum, and theirs are the best I have tasted so far in SF.”

The menu is pretty broad, notes singleguychef, with something for everyone. And as for Kingdom of Dumpling, JadeM prefers to avoid the crowds, buy their uncooked boiled dumplings by the bag ($6.95 for a bag of 22), and cook them at home.

Dumpling Kitchen [Sunset District]
1935 Taraval Street, San Francisco

Kingdom of Dumpling [Sunset District]
1713 Taraval Street, San Francisco

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