Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"[W]hile not entirely 'authentic,' I REALLY enjoy the cheesesteak at Phat Philly—it has a much ‘cleaner’ taste to it as the quality of beef used is top-notch and they don't need to do a ton of stuff to manipulate the taste of it." – vulber

"I had breakfast at Palacio Latino, a Guatemalan restaurant, last week, and had the best homemade tortillas (not to mention the breakfast itself—longaniza and eggs)." – mariacarmen

"The pan-fried cabbage cake was delicious. I took half of the goulash home, and thought it was even better the second day." – Windy on Russian Family Restaurant, which is marking Maslenitza (Cheesefare Week) February 18 to March 6 (yes, that's longer than a week) with all-you-can-eat blini, pelmeni, and vareniki for $30, including a glass of wine or shot of vodka

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