For most of us, just keeping up with the waves of demonstrations and thuggish counterdemonstrations in Egypt is intense enough without getting all gastronomic about it. But there is, rest assured, a food component even to Middle East unrest and revolution. Grist ably rounds up the food-related Mideast coverage and discovers a pattern: Sky-high food prices were a big player in the unrest in Tunisia which in turn sparked unrest in Egypt—a country that actually does a dang fine job of subsidizing staples such as bread.

Meanwhile, looters are doing their best to deny Egyptians Western-style fast-food choices when it comes to lunch: 32 Hardee’s locations were closed after rioters damaged some of them. It’s unclear whether the damage was caused by anti-Mubarak protesters lashing out at a symbol of the West, pro-government street toughs trying to discredit protesters, or Taco Bell partisans just striking a blow on behalf of mediocre Tex-Mex food with mysterious beef filling.

Image source: Flickr member Andrew 鐘 under Creative Commons

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