Parmesan crisps, known as frico in Italian, make an elegant garnish for soups and salads or a delectable snack on their own. And they couldn’t be simpler to make. Simply spread grated Parmesan in rounds on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silicone baking mat and bake at 350°F until the cheese is melted and crisp; let cool before removing. Alternatively, cook the rounds in a skillet on the stovetop; danhole even suggests making small ones on a plate in a microwave.

You can turn the crisps into edible cups or bowls in which to serve salad by removing them while warm and draping them over upturned glasses or muffin cups. For flavor variation, add cracked black pepper or herbs such as oregano or rosemary. Den likes to add a bit of dry rub for barbecue crisps.

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