Do hand-pulled noodles make a difference to the noodle experience? “Absolutely,” says scoopG. “The homemade machine noodles will be OK but not as good nor as satisfying as the handmade ones.” The difference is in the time and attention the individual noodle maker devotes to the noodles, adjusting for temperature and humidity, adding water, oil, flour, or even lye water to the dough as needed.

“I’d also add on that putting noodles though a machine creates a different product because of the forced texture,” says pinstripeprincess. “Handmade/pulled noodles tend to have a rougher surface texture that I would say is better for flavor.” Miss Needle adores that bumpy exterior—it catches the sauces and seasonings better than smooth machine-made noodles.

The difference between hand-pulled noodles and machine-formed noodles, says ipsedixit, is “sort of like the difference between oatmeal made from oat groats versus oatmeal made from instant oatmeal mix. The former is chewy, dense, and hearty, while the latter is soft and (dare I say) even a bit mushy.”

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