A chili dog is not usually made with long-stewed homemade chili. If you’re working from a can, Chef-Mate is by far the best, says coll. You might be able to find it at a restaurant supply store. “That’s what all the hot dog trucks around here use on their chili dogs and it’s like homemade,” says coll.

monku likes a product that goes by the unappetizing name of Dolores Chili Brick. latindancer uses the chili brick too, and apparently it’s a lot better than its name.

Wolf Brand Chili is a Chowhound favorite. It’s “far and away the best canned chili,” says JonParker. “This Texas girl’s comfort food is blue box mac & cheese with Wolf Brand Chili,” says tallullah. “I miss that stuff … Hormel just isn’t the same.”

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