Adrian runs Little Belize, and he has proclaimed himself the “King of Oxtail.” His stewed oxtails are indeed tasty, says noahbites, served with nicely fried plantain and buttery, peppery rice. “I would happily just eat a bowl of his flavorful white rice, topped with stew beans and a few squirts of Adrian’s homemade habañero hot sauce,” he says.

But the biggest winners are the array of cheap, delicious little appetizers. They’re about $1 to $1.50 each, and they’re all awesome: panades, like small empanadas; garnaches, fried tortillas spread with beans and cheese; and flaky meat pies filled with nicely seasoned ground beef. noahbites’ favorite is salbutes: “a crispy, pliable fried disc of cornmeal topped with shredded meat, tomatoes,” and some quickly pickled cabbage.

Little Belize [South LA]
217 E. Nutwood Street, Inglewood

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