Seven-layer cake is a piece of heaven, says doneckstein. “What I am looking for is the same rectangle slice of cake with a hard (possibly semi-sweet) chocolate exterior and the yellow cake and mocha cream layers. I have gotten ‘icing covered’ 7 layer cake from several places and they just don’t taste the same.”

“Very few bakeries today make a good seven layer cake as it is very labor intense,” says bagelman01. “Baking the sponge, weighting it down to compress, making and spreading the mocha cream, and finally icing. Having started my working life in the kosher baking business, it’s second nature to me. So, about 3x per year I make about 12 for the freezer at home. Also make checkerboard cakes. I prefer the fudgy frosting to the hard shell bittersweet exterior.”

The ancestor of the seven-layer cake is the Dobosh torte, says Karl S. It’s a little more universal than seven-layer cake, and fans might have better luck finding one to satisfy their cravings.

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