Tawakal is not exactly a fine-dining establishment. It’s an Indian-Pakistani grocery store and former halal meat market, with a small restaurant area. sel talked up the owner and insisted on hot, spicy food. What sel got was beautifully spiced, completely un-dumbed-down Pakistani food.

Gobi aloo, ordered extra-spicy, is one of the best versions sel has ever had. There’s karahi gosht, fresh chunks of lamb marinated with herbs and spices and cooked in a wok; lamb biryani, spice-marinated lamb cooked with aromatic rice; and don’t forget the tandoori naan.

Chicken tikka is “juicy, well-spiced, and perfectly burnt at the tip,” says losfelizhound. And chicken karahi is very spicy, not too oily, and satisfyingly home-style.

Everything is cooked to order—not a lunch buffet in sight. “What a find!” says sel. Agrees losfelizhound, “Tawakal is definitely the best Pakistani grub I have had south of San Francisco’s Tandoorloin.”

Tawakal Tandoori Halal Restaurant [San Fernando Valley – West]
21617 Devonshire Street, Chatsworth
818-882-0605 and 818-882-7394


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