EATTV has retained his childhood love of roti sai mai, palm sugar candy floss rolled up in a crêpe. “The hot spun palm sugar is worked on a large sheet pan with two large pins looping it over and over until exponential threads of candy floss, later colored tartish hues, is A.) bagged for take away with a pile of delicate crepes or B.) stuffed and devoured on the spot. I chose B.”

Clearly roti sai mai is a snack that inspires poetry: “sweet and umami all at once, the sugar straw texture in the fine yielding crepe are ancient pop rocks in a pancake,” says EATTV.

Alas, the experience of getting a hot-off-the-griddle crêpe filled with purple, green, or gold threads is unavailable to those without a trip to Thailand planned. EATTV recommends the premade crêpes-and-sugar-threads kit available at S&I To Go for $5.

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