Formerly All Star Donut, a (surprise!) doughnut shop with a sideline in Cambodian barbecue (OK, that’s the real surprise), Yellow Brick Cafe has a new name, extended hours, and more of that charred lemongrass goodness.

In addition to doughnuts and barbecue, there are rice plates, spring rolls, and banh mi, though the pre-prepared banh mi seem overpriced and unappealing, observes Robert Lauriston.

Go for the barbecue instead, he says, made with Harris natural beef, Rocky chicken breast, or tofu. Beef and chicken are both juicy and delicious, steeped in a marinade of galangal, lemongrass, chile, garlic, and kaffir lime juice. The $7 barbecue plate comes with two good-sized skewers and three sides, which might include homestyle Cambodian five-grain fried rice, which is a mélange of brown and black rice, barley, soybeans, ham, egg, and corn, topped with a fried egg.

The place is run by a couple of young Cambodian Americans, and the chef, Talaya, says she can make any special Cambodian dishes if you call up and request them.

On the non-Cambodian side of the menu, the raised doughnuts are slightly bready but good, says chocolatetartguy, and there’s always a specialty doughnut, like the recent Japanese-inspired yeast doughnut filled with curried meat, a tasty innovation. There’s also apple pandowdy, an Egg McMuffin clone with housemade sausage, and Peerless fair trade coffee, says Robert Lauriston.

Yellow Brick Cafe [East Bay]
1255 University Avenue, Berkeley

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Doughnut shop with Cambodian barbeque Berkeley

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