Durian flesh is famously pungent-smelling, similar to “that mushroomy pheremonal smell that truffles emit,” says Louise. Monch thinks it’s like a coconut-pineapple custard, “albeit with fibers throughout.” Louise disagrees: “To me, there’s a distinct onion component to the aroma of the actual flesh. Comparisons that came to mind were onion soup mix, chives gone off, or sprouted onions gone off.”

The large seeds of a durian are also edible, though they must be boiled. “Soak the seeds in water so that all the durian flesh is gone,” advises Ali. “Boil as you might a potato. Peel the outer skin. Eat.” kobetobiko thinks the boiled seeds taste like “really chalky potato without much flavor,” but Ali likes them. The larger seeds can taste like chalky potato, but Ali doesn’t find them bland. “Then again, I don’t find yucca bland in the least,” says Ali. “The smaller ones are different—less starchy, bit of a peculiar texture that reminds me of a firmer boiled chestnut.”

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