I like to multitask. I enjoy having many things going on at once so I can accomplish as much as possible during the day, but sometimes I put too much on my plate.

Last Friday while my corned beef was simmering, and I was waiting for Chris (our photographer) to set up his lights for our photo shoot, I decided to go ahead and test the chocolate pot de crème recipe that we’ve been working on. So I measured, weighed, and whisked together the silky custard. Then carefully poured it into individual ramekins, placed them in a water bath, and popped them in the oven.

I returned 30 minutes later to check on my beautiful baked puddings only to discover a bubbling, chocolaty mess. In my rush to get them in the oven I set the oven at 352°F, instead of 325°F. A simple mistake, but ruinous when you’re dealing with delicate custard. Maybe one day I’ll learn to only take on what I can handle.

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