Behold: the finest Whole Foods signage that you’ve ever seen, which may well rank among the finest signage that you’ve ever seen in your life, period.

Austin-based artist Paul Maybury (whose non–Whole Foods credits include comics for Marvel and Dark Horse and the excellent Internet strip Party Bear) has posted a bunch of photos on his tumblr blog of the mind-blowing in-store signs he made for Whole Foods, including but not limited to creepy grandmas (pictured), belligerent Mr. T’s (is there any other kind?), cupcake-vending Lenins, amazing-looking pig-leprechauns, lime-hawking Frida Kahlos, and specials-dispensing Andy Warhols.

Naturally, the (vaguely) controversial nature of the signs led to him, as he tells it, being pushed out of the company.

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