CHOW Tour Handmade
2/14 - 2/27
2/28 - 3/13
3/14 - 3/25
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CHOW Tour: Handmade, Coming Atcha!

CHOW is going back on the road to report on the best food, drink, and fun we can find in Austin, Texas; Oakland, California; and Portland, Oregon. We’re calling this road trip CHOW Tour: Handmade, since we’ll be seeking out real people making real, authentic food—from pupusas being slapped together by hand out of a food truck to whole-animal-to-plate antelope tartare, fresh off the bone.

Video producer Blake Smith and I will be traveling in each city for a week, meeting up with chefs, winemakers, street vendors, and even some Chowhounds (hi, daveena!) to visit these people at work making kick-ass food. We’ll post videos, Q&As, photos, and more. And we’ll be tweeting all along the way, so follow us, if you will, @roxanne_chow and @blakets. Thanks to the tour sponsor, Acura (hi, Acura!), we’re traveling in style.

Keep checking in. These three cities have some of the most creative, grass-roots food scenes in America, and we’ll be documenting as much as possible for your viewing (and eating) pleasure.

In the coming days we’ll post a little bit more about what we’re looking forward to seeing in each city. And watch for the official kickoff to the CHOW Tour on February 14, with Austin.