You can serve your Super Bowl crowd delicious chicken wings without the mess of frying by baking them in the oven. Whether you go for the traditional flavor of Buffalo wings or for something a little different, baked wings are simple to fix.

If Buffalo wings are what you crave, try one of these hound-approved approaches: Oven-fried Buffalo wings are terrific, says JK Grence the Cosmic Jester. “Nobody would have guessed they were baked,” he says. “The secret ingredient: baking powder. Trust me, they’re fantastic.” “Alton Brown’s chicken wings win me raves every time,” says sunshine842. “Easy, not greasy, and oh, so very good.” “I love these Buffalo wings,” says goodeatsgal. “Although the recipe calls for grilling them, I’ve also baked them, and they still come out delicious. I think it’s the marinade that makes them so tasty.”

For a different flavor, try balsamic–soy sauce glazed chicken wings or brown sugar and soy sauce chicken wings; “I love the caramelly coating,” chowser says of the latter.

“One of my favorites and always a hit with guests,” says Rubee, is “wings baked and then tossed with a Thai red curry paste-lime butter.” sharonlouk favors chicken wings in peanut sauce. She doubles the sauce and uses Sriracha in place of the called-for chile flakes. “Cooking the chicken this way can make for a smoky kitchen, so beware! Turn on the fans,” she recommends.

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