There’s a brand new pho place in Somerville: Pho ’n Rice took over the old space vacated by the moved-and-remodeled Zoe’s. Word is that the food at Pho ’n Rice is wonderful. ysb just tried it and was so delighted that “I wanted to come home and post about it.” ysb raves about the pho broth, which is well-balanced and not too salty. “Usually I have to augment broth with either sugar, spice, or lime, but this broth needed nothing,” says ysb. ysb also loved the bun (noodles) with grilled pork, shrimp, and cut up imperial rolls, and the tom yum fried rice: “lots of fresh kaffir lime leaf flavor, lemongrass and nam prik pao (chili paste) the fried chicken on top was crispy and juicy.”

rovingfoodie also recommends the pho tai, Vietnamese rare beef and noodle soup, which had “nice quality beef in a light and beautifully flavored broth.” Prices are low, in the under-$10 range, and the restaurant seems to be gathering a neighborhood following already, judging from the number of butts in seats when rovingfoodie visited.

Pho ’n Rice [Somerville]
289 Beacon Street, Somerville

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