It is easy to preserve garlic in ways so delicious, you may end up eating it all instead of keeping it. Roasted garlic will keep several days in the refrigerator, or can be frozen. It is mellow when incorporated into dishes, and is great simply spread on bread. “Another way to ‘roast’ is to peel and then simmer slowly in olive oil until it’s light brown and spreadable, then serve with crusty bread,” says 2m8ohed, who adds that this works well in a slow cooker. “Nice fringe benefit is some tasty garlic olive oil!” he says.

If you’re roasting garlic, try making it the star of a dish. Roasted garlic soup with Parmesan cheese “is one of my all-time favorite soups,” says foxy fairy. “I would actually double (or triple!) the recipe because it is really superb. You will want more—and more—and more.” “One of the best things I’ve ever made!” concurs JungMann.

scubadoo97 makes garlic chips by slicing the cloves thinly lengthwise and frying until crisp and light brown, and uses the chips as a garnish or topping. al b. darned slices garlic thin on a mandoline and dries it in a dehydrator, then stores in an airtight container. “I put some whole into soups, stews, etc., and grind some for fresh garlic powder,” he says.

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