Standing in front of the counter at an Asian bakery can be an overwhelming experience if you aren’t familiar with the typical offerings. Everything looks great, but with so many choices and a long, impatient line shifting and grumbling behind you, which do you pick?

StriperGuy has delved deep into the offerings at Yi Soon Bakery in Allston, and picks out the mooncakes, which he says come with some unusual fillings: pine nut and jasmine, orange peel, sweet date. “[M]any varieties, some better then others, some a bit odd to the Western palate, some just downright amazing. Don’t be afraid to ask what is in them,” advises StriperGuy. Yi Soon’s sweet potato buns make a great breakfast when warmed in a toaster oven, and cream puffs are superior when they’re totally fresh (don’t get them if they’ve been sitting a while).

Other picks: According to BarmyFotheringayPhipps the angel light bun, a fluffy creation stuffed with cream cheese and raisins, is delicious, and StriperGuy has an entire list of stuff worth trying, including the red bean mochi bun, plain cheesecake, the coffee bun filled with cream, and the rarely made whole wheat raisin walnut bun.

Stopping in at Bao Bao Bakery in Chinatown instead? Hounds have favorite sweets there too. Try the blueberry cheesecake, the white chocolate cake, the green tea cake, and the red bean buns. The “cute” cupcakes, decorated with figures in neon colors, are a kitschy hound fave, while stradacouple loved the orange cake that “tasted just like a creamsicle.”

Yi Soon Bakery [Allston]
112 Brighton Ave, Allston

Bao Bao Bakery [Chinatown]
77 Harrison Avenue, Boston

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