amatto has fallen head over heels with Korean fried chicken, saying happily, “It is gooooooood stuff.” Chains specializing in this Korean take on fried chicken—freshly fried, greaseless, and glazed with a chile or soy sauce—have been proliferating in the New York area, and now the dish is making inroads in Boston too.

New York’s Korean chicken chains are either fast-food joints or nightclubs that serve chicken along with drinks and attitude. In Boston, the chicken is served at a Japanese sushi lounge, Privus in Allston, which digga says just happens to have a Korean chef who makes chicken that compares favorably to the best of the New York varieties.

How good is it? SaraASR says: “I am extremely particular about chicken … I never eat chicken on the bone, and only eat chicken breast. However, BonChon is an exception to the rule. This stuff is ridiculous.”

Privus Lounge [Allston]
165 Brighton Avenue, Allston

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