Finger-Lickin’ Chicken

amatto has fallen head over heels with Korean fried chicken, saying happily, “It is gooooooood stuff.” Chains specializing in this Korean take on fried chicken—freshly fried, greaseless, and glazed with a chile or soy sauce—have been proliferating in the New York area, and now the dish is making inroads in Boston too.

New York’s Korean chicken chains are either fast-food joints or nightclubs that serve chicken along with drinks and attitude. In Boston, the chicken is served at a Japanese sushi lounge, Privus in Allston, which digga says just happens to have a Korean chef who makes chicken that compares favorably to the best of the New York varieties.

How good is it? SaraASR says: “I am extremely particular about chicken … I never eat chicken on the bone, and only eat chicken breast. However, BonChon is an exception to the rule. This stuff is ridiculous.”

Privus Lounge [Allston]
165 Brighton Avenue, Allston

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