I’m all about digital photo frames—the ability to stream photos remotely to your parents’ kitchen countertop in Iowa is seriously impressive. But the Digi-Mug, a coffee mug with an attached digital frame, has taken it too far. Maybe it’s because I don’t have kids or fun travel pics from spring break at Cozumel, but the only time I ever stare wistfully into my mug is when I’m hung over.

I’m all for innovation, but why not invest in making mugs lighter or improve upon collapsible mugs? Or if the screen has to stay, tack on a sensor and use it to show the temperature, if your tea has steeped too long, or even if the milk you just poured in has curdled? If the Digi-Mug is for real (and I’m not entirely convinced it is, since there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to order it), then the only future I see for it is in a landfill or on a thrift store shelf.

Responses on tech blogs seem to echo my feelings:

Bitter Wallet: “You’re Tom Thumb, you are, and you love your family very much. So much in fact, that you’ve bought a digital photo frame to display all your most treasured memories. … But wait, what’s this? Some arsehole has gone and glued your photo frame on the side of a plastic drinking mug. What the christing hell are you meant to do with that? Your photos are too far away to see and the mug is too big to hold.”

Gizmodo (reader comment): “One trip through the dishwasher and this thing will be done.”

Obsessable: “The website for this product doesn’t say if it’s available yet (or if it will ever be available in the United States) or how much it costs. Let us know if you care enough to find out, would you?”

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