My husband and I both love those iPhone “there’s an app for that” commercials, to the point where we’ve started saying things like, “Can’t get the garlic out of the garlic press? There’s an app for that!” The Wall Street Journal went us one better, hooch style, with a nicely opinionated review on a couple of different iPhone cocktail apps by the reliably hilarious Eric Felten.

For casual mixers, Felten says the $2.99 cheapie called Cocktails Made Easy is your best bet. It has some sweet features, including one that allows you to input exactly what you have in your liquor cabinet and click to find drinks that can be made without heading to the store.
Still, Felten says he turns to Cocktails+ the most often (despite calling it short on photos and handy features) because of its quality recipes sourced from classic cocktail guides instead of trendy, crappy recipes for watermelon shooters.

However, he warns, don’t confuse Cocktails+ (by developer Skorpiostech) for the similarly named app Cocktails (from Swiss-Development):

“Based on a German-language cocktail Web site, Cocktails is only nominally in English, and a testament to the limitations of automated computer translation. Take the recipe for a fruity, creamy Saint-Tropez. The directions are a triumph of bone-crushing German syntax: ‘Carefully Grenadinesirup the glasses back down on the run. Now the Blue Curacao aufschichten above. Now the milk foam and the air masses as a hood to give the cocktail.’ Don’t forget the garnish —cherries, orange slices ‘then add decorative Minzblätter.’ And what drink isn’t better with a little decorative Minzblätter?”

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