I just cracked open the sample of Kusmi’s Prince Vladimir tea I was given at the Fancy Food Show last month, and now I feel like an idiot for having never picked up this 142-year-old company’s products before. The Prince Vladimir tea is a blend of Chinese black tea, citrus, spices, and vanilla. It smells a lot like root beer—in a good way. The flavor is subtler than the aroma, with a mellow spice and vanilla aftertaste and a good tea flavor cutting through it all. I’m dying to load it up with honey and steamed milk, sort of like a chai. It’s also got such lovely packaging that I would like to give it as a gift, or use the miniature tins as a stocking stuffer or wedding favor. The company’s got a lot of other good-sounding teas too, like a smoky Earl Grey and a tea flavored with bergamot, citrus, and flowers.

Kusmi Prince Vladimir Tea, $15.95 for a 4.4-ounce tin

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