Chowhounds love cauliflower prepared lots of ways, but especially roasted. Toss or brush cauliflower florets with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast until they start to brown. Try roasting them with different spices, or brush with mustard, or substitute walnut oil for olive oil. fourunder likes CHOW’s Pepper-Roasted Cauliflower, but HillJ replaces the sugar with lemon juice. amyzan says the freshly toasted and ground spices in this roasted curried cauliflower recipe “make all the difference in flavor that really wows.”

Others steam cauliflower and purée it with a bit of broth or cooking liquid and butter or cream, making a satisfying mash that’s surprising close to potatoes.

Hounds are also fond of pasta paired with cauliflower, like spaghetti with roasted cauliflower, tomato sauce, and olives and
cheese-covered baked penne with cauliflower. LulusMom combines cauliflower with small shells, hot pepper, anchovies, and garlic.

Cauliflower also stars in comforting, rich casseroles like this soufflé-style puffed cauliflower cheese or this
cauliflower and horseradish gratin, which LulusMom calls “really wonderful.”

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