Craving some churrasco, savory grilled meat, and bummed that his favorite Brazilian restaurant is closed after a fire, StriperGuy took a tip from a fellow hound and tried Pampas Buffet & Grill. The verdict? Yum. “Most notably the beef at Pampas was tender, rare, and luscious whereas at Cafe Belo it is usually kinda chewy,” he says. The prices are right too: just $8.99 for the all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, which StriperGuy says is “downright absurd given the quality of the food. Seriously at this price, if you are hungry this might just be the best deliciousness/quantity/price scenario in Boston.”

Other than the great beef, there’s pork, chicken, bacon-wrapped chicken, chicken hearts, wings, and stews on the buffet table. The night StriperGuy went, the stews were beef and chicken with okra. On the side there’s farofa (the typical Brazilian dish of roasted corn or cassava flour) and nicely done vegetables.

StriperGuy tried the Somerville location on Medford Street, but the same family owns another Pampas in Everett. Neither have a wine/beer license so it’s BYO for now. AnyaEssen says to try the great fresh fruit juices, available in tropical flavors like guava or passionfruit.

Pampas Buffet & Grill [Somerville]
505 Medford Street

Pampas Buffet & Grill [Everett]
983 Broadway Street

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