In an enthusiastic thread, one hound declares the restaurant formerly known as Chatham, a little Cantonese place at the foot of the Manhattan Bridge, back open. It’s now called Hop Shing. It’s reportedly been renovated, and the popular char siu bao (roast pork buns) are still on the menu. A call to the restaurant confirms that they’re back in business.

Although one eater expresses doubts about the quality of their dim sum, he is a lone detractor amongst several champions. It sounds like the prices, at least, are fit for a still-recovering economy: Says superfan iraperelson, “I had two cups of coffee, three char siu bao (of which one was to take out), an order of turnip cakes and an order of shrimp and chive dumplings. The bill came to $7.50.”

And the staff sound like a kind crew, if this thread is to be believed: “They won’t run to you when you snap your fingers, but they somehow remember all your kids’ anniversaries and your grandchildren names,” says diprey11.

So avoid what bkiley calls “oily” chicken feet, order the duck feet and the char siu bao, and hop to it to report back on this thread: Is Chatham/Hop Shing that good?

Hop Shing [Chinatown]
9 Chatham Square, Manhattan

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9 chatham square (hop shing) is back!

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